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Hotel Oberpfälzer Hof
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2018-01-19 05:20:14
Yes agreed!. We thought about visiting that one on the last trip through but didn't have a lot of time.  Still we managed Gradl, Herold, Schroll in Nankendorf, Scharpf in Heilgersdorf, and finally Sesslach so all in all a great day.  But yeah more time could be spent out that way.
                                   Hotel Oberpfälzer Hof by barry on  2018-01-19 06:03:14
                                     Hotel Oberpfälzer Hof by Mark Andersen on  2018-01-19 08:51:42
                                       Hotel Oberpfälzer Hof by Mark Andersen on  2018-01-19 09:02:48
                                         Colwyn to Conwy by Mark Andersen on  2018-01-19 09:03:12
                                       Hotel Oberpfälzer Hof by barry on  2018-01-19 09:15:58
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