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Plans for 2018
Posted by FredW on 2018-01-14 15:52:15
Back in 1998 (wow 20 years ago) I spent the first week or so of January in Düsseldorf. I wasn't really enjoying myself as much as I thought I would.

I had a very early flight out of DUS to Amsterdam and then a bit of a layover. As I was waiting for my flight it was the first time I was a bit sad about the trip ending. And then I realized: the sun was shining and that was the first time on the whole trip it wasn't grey and dreary (they don't call it "Drizzeldorf" for nothing).

It is epsecially bad for someone from LA -- we usually don't go more than a couple of days without some sunshine, even during the "rainy season."

I think a winter in Bamberg would drive me to drink...
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