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Plans for 2018
Posted by barry on 2018-01-15 06:02:08
It's exactly what you to depress us (and, especially, Jacqueline) about living in the west of Ireland.  We used to say that it was like having a concrete roof over your head.  although the overall climate in north Wales is not massively different from Co Clare, there's a lot more light and shade, which makes it more bearable.

Don't know about all of the Arctic Circle, Juergen, but I understand that the rate of suicide in many Scandinavian countries is quite high, particularly in winter.  I've not spent a lot of time in really northern climes but I found Estonia and Sweden curiously depressing in the summer.  I was very hard to sleep in Talinn, because of the almost perpetual daylight (and laco of adequate curtains in the hotel).

Don't suppose that there isn't anything perfect place to live.
                         Plans for 2018 by Andrew H on  2018-01-20 02:04:02
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