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Wanderings by Car in Britain Monday or so?
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-11-23 23:12:05
Joke. My idea was to run out to Harlech for a quick re-visit, my fav of the Edwardian castles. 

And you remind me, yes, you can train about that stretch of Wales quite easily.

Keep me updated on your movements about the country. I'll do the same. Now lodging in Joey Holt's old residence, the Woodthorpe Hotel. Lovely pint of Bitter here. Doing Bury with a couple of others today, never been there.

No breakfast, not even coffee or tea here though, aside in the room, and I don't trust the looks of the kettle.

                   Wanderings by Car in Britain Monday or so? BTW MARK by Nick B. on  2017-11-24 02:25:10
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