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Posted by Jason on 2017-12-30 07:09:04
A nice write up. I agree with most except the franken / Czech pils comparison. While they are related when it comes to relatively high hopping (not all Franconia pils of course, fassla being a notable example of being more of a helles), the malt profile of the Czech svetly lezak is normally mich higher to my taste. I’m not technical, I just know that I can taste every ingredient in a svetly 12 degree but a Franconian pils is normally lacking in malt body. Martin and keesmann pils are well hopped but are too pale and one dimensional - though it’s a great dimension. Maybe one could argue they are similar to an 11degree svetly which is lighter in malt body.  

So in spite of proximity, my opinion is that the Franconian pils are still related more to the northern German pils than the Czech variety. But I could of course be talking rubbish. 
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