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Last Weeks Bamberg Trip
Posted by David on 2017-11-15 11:00:34
 I returned from Bamberg last night so I am going to give you all my opinion on my week.  My grieved status of the week is that is rained all week.  Noah could have sailed the Ark in Bamberg Landkreis.  Spezial... I went three different times and the U was awesome as always.  The atmosphere was great. I tried to get in Friday night, but they had their Bockbier tapping.  I had no shot of getting in.  I went to Mahrs a few times.  I wish I can remember how there U tasted before they stopped doing Gravity(which I have had) so I can compare, but my tastebud memory is not that good.  Non the less I thought the U was still very good, and hanging out outside and in the schwemme is a great time.  I took the bus to Brauerei Zehender.  when I had their bier at Rotschild I was not impressed.  This time around in Monchsambach it was smooth,balanced, was excellent.  I mountain biked to  Rossdorf, Geisfeld from Bamberg.  I used my google bike directions to Brauerei Sauer.  First of all, that Bike ride sucks.You guys It is all uphill on mainly trails. It started downpouring in the middle of the woods.....The Food at Brauerei Sauer is excellent.  The Staff working there was very kind.  I had a Helles type of beer vom fass.  It was decent.  I had the braun beer.  It was only available in bottle.  It was very good and I still preferred that over the bier vom fass.
Brauerei Greiss had a nice tasting lager beer.  Brauerei Hummel is excellent.  Their Hellesbock was nice, but U was awesome. The best I have had.  It has a little carbonation, but not to much, fresh, wow ! It has a  friendly atmosphere and family running it. The food was very good.  I would have returned a second time last weekend , but the bus schedule would mainly drop you off in Memmelsdorf on weekends.  Monday night last night my farewell drinking session was at Spezial.  I was drinking with a guy my age who lives in Bamberg from Slovenia and works in the malting business, previously working at the Mahrs brewery.  Stephan MIchel came in to drink.coincidentally.  He sat next to us because he new the guy I was drinking with.  He was sitting at the table for a couple of hours until I went back to my apartment.  I was talking to him about his collaboration with Sierra Nevada on this years Oktoberfest bier they made. I did not like the bier. he claims he didn't like it either.. He said the collaboration has to do with certain aspects but not with the actual brewing, so he has no control of how it tastes.  We talked about the kegged U bier.  Stephan was saying something along the lines of the U going Bad quick serving it Bayerische Anstich, and it will sit to long lossing fresness with the selection of other biers he also offers.  He also told me the CO2  does not mix with the bier, it only pushes it through with out affecting it. Mahrs exposure in the U.S. was a big topic and they will be working with Stone Brewing in the future, who produces in California, and Asheville North Carolina... I know you guys know all the above much better than I and it is probably yesterdays news at best.  just giving y'all my opinion.
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