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Last Weeks Bamberg Trip
Posted by Jason on 2017-11-17 01:11:39
And it's not just the gas content - it's the mouthfeel and the temperature and those subtle flavours lost in keg. I've drunk a lot of Spezi over the years and there is a marked difference when it's poured from a barrel. Once again, whether you believe it better or worse is personal taste. I don't think I've ever had schlenkerla from a keg - certainly from the bottle it's very different and this is a common perception here. 

Just last night I was in Spezi and Christian was pouring - the difference when he pours a beer from the usual tapsters is chalk and cheese - you get a thing of beauty from him. No surprise it tasted at it's best - perhaps this was simply the batch, i don't know. Maybe he takes more time, I don't know, but the head is solid, fine foam and it makes the beer smoother and oh so drinkable. At busy times you get a rushed pour and all the carbonation remains in the beer making it very different in both taste and mouthfeel. 

These are gut instincts, not science, but as a 2-3 times a week Spezi drinker it's a pretty finely tuned gut. 
                         Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Nick B. on  2017-11-17 02:37:56
                           Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Jason  on  2017-11-17 03:02:10
                             Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Nick B. on  2017-11-17 03:15:45
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