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Last Weeks Bamberg Trip
Posted by Sol on 2017-11-17 13:30:39
Thanks a lot.  Sounds nice.  I have to think about  what you guys is writing. I have many option then next April, but the plane tickets are bought and my fellow travelers want to know the plans. We eill stay in Bamberg thursday till saturday, and in Nürnberg from saturday till sunday.
For the friday I was planning and excursion out of Bamberg:
1. Train: Bad Staffelstein with therme bad, the vierzehnheiligen and breweries around.
2. Train: Ebensfeld and walking till breweries around.
3. Cycle till Bischberg and Brauerei Sonne and  Dörfleins.
4.  cycle to  Rossdorf am Forst ( Brauerei Sauer), Geisfeld ( the breweries are closed here when cycle through the village), lohnfeld, and then brauerei knoblach for lunch, and back till Bamberg. I have done a bit wandering here before, and I found the area quite scenic, so I maybe go for this otion once more since the majority of my friends have not done been here ( all have been in Bamberg though).
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