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Kosher beer in Franconia
Posted by kerenmk on 2017-11-13 00:26:03
Hi, Sacreligious Jewess here.
Never before have I heard of #2 and honestly, it sounds like a vicious superstition rather than a religious law. I have worked in a distillery and a brewery in Israel, both were kosher, the latter has ultra Orthodox observation and is owned by and Orthodox family, where women workin production. The question of Nida has never been raised and how can you check it really?
Nida refers to sexual contact. Don't worry - we are permitted to cook for our husbands when we bleed ;)
As far as beer goes, the beer people I know who keep kosher would drink German beer - from bottle or on tap as long as it's poured to glass-made vessel - with or without certificate. Not during Passover though.
     Kosher beer in Franconia by Nick B. on  2017-11-13 01:58:48
     Kosher beer in Franconia by Gunnar H on  2017-11-13 02:26:53
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