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Posted by Nick B. on 2017-11-17 02:49:43
For the usual reasons, I guess.

No, really, I've had it 18 years now. I bought it new after falling in love with it (the audio system in particular -- the world's first factory-installed surround sound, also custom specified for the interior...I once priced out the audio components to be $4000 worth) and then always said it would be the last car I'd ever buy. Brought it over here thinking it would continue to be my daily car, but then ended up cycling & train-ing everywhere. 

So I only drive it often enough to keep it running, which is just stupid. Especially because we just bought B's BMW. So I feel guilty driving it around for that reason and thinking that some other Volvo fan might really enjoy it, not feel guilty driving it. And I'd get money for it.#

Now the guy in Mönchengladbach says he's been holding out for a cabrio instead of a coupe. I'll have it sold before Xmas.

Jason...if you're still willing to put an ad up, send me an email.
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