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Kosher beer
Posted by FredW on 2017-11-13 07:30:58
Back in the 90's I had a chance to interview Ken Allen -- one of the founders of Anderson Valley Brewing in Northern California. (This was for a public access TV show I did) At the time they brewed the He'Brew Genesis Ale for Schmalz Brewing, which was (I think) the first certified Kosher beer in the US.

I asked him what was involved with the certification and did they do anything different than they did with their other beers. The answer was basically no. A Rabbi came periodically (monthly? -- I don't remember the details) to inspect the brewery to make sure they weren't making any non-kosher products on the side (a reverse Metzegerbr√§u -- making sausage in a brewery smiley ). There were also could be issues with some finings (isinglass and gelatin I would guess) but they didn't use them so it wasn't an issue. 

Later, we also got to do an interview with Jeremy Cowan, the founder of Schmalz Brewing who confirmed a lot of this. 

From this, I would gather that most traditional German beers would be acceptable for kosher use. British beers would be more problematic unless you knew about any finings.

Note: I found this which says some people say the finings don't matter.
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