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Gnodstadt and Spielbach
Posted by barry on 2017-11-12 06:53:00
Great report and fantastic that Frank finally made it Spielbach - he deserves it!  But that's really sad news about all those great pubs; If I wasn't about the same age as most of the owners, I'd take one on myself -  come on you younger chaps!

Not sure about the price being too cheap.  I haven't made a real study of beer economics in Germany (or anywhere else, for that matter) but, from what I understand, most of the price differential, say between Franken beer and British beer, is due to lower taxes and lower property prices.  There's an interesting article in the latest copy of the Camra magazine about brewpubs (a lot of inaccuracies though, IMHO), which puts part of reason for the slow development of brewpubs in Britain down to the cost of property - it being more lucrative to develop potential brewery space, specially in towns, to other uses, such as apartments.

I know from talking to Anton Heinl in Zum Roud'n that it is, in theory, quite easy to open licensed premises in Germany, as a special licquor licence is not needed.  The main problem is meeting the stringent health and safety regulations (Juergen would know all about that!), which I don't think are much different to those anywhere in the EU but maybe just more rigorously applied.  I suppose that one of postive offshoots of the success of real ale in the UK is that it encouraged a lot of younger people to get involved in brewing, something that hasn't happened in Germany, AFAIK.

Another problem I suppose, is the inherent difficulties of brewing lager type beer to German standards.  However, this may not be quite so problematic now, due to developments in yeast cultivation and malt production.

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