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Gnodstadt and Spielbach
Posted by Jason on 2017-11-14 06:49:30
I mean the fluency rating. I liked duelingo, but it is not going to help you with your aim unless you learn the grammar. It's repetitive, boring and heavy (so Duelingo misses a lot of it for the more 'fun' parts). It's designed really as a way to understand a few things when visiting Germany, not for conversation. Nothing wrong with that, but it should not be relied on. Duelingo will help you to repeat things correctly (good for vocab). Learning the grammar will help you build sentences yourself and be flexible. Unfortunately, you have to learn a lot before you can even build a basic sentence (not just repeat) - it's very top heavy in that respect. German is a very flexible language compared to English - the grammar allows this. Once you get to grips with that it'll open up a lot more than you expect. But you can't dabble really. 

Yes, model (predictive text). We could have spoken in German in September... at first it's better than talking to a native in some ways because learners can explain the rational and extra grammatic detail (like a teacher). But you have to have the patience and humility to be corrected - we are way stricter than the natives because we know how bad habits can be hard to shake off.

I've been told I speak very good German (with a Franconian lilt) but that's relative to the 20 months I've been here. I still get frustrated and expect to for years to come. It's a hard language: don't expect too much.  

I saw the weather reports of a tough winter and it did snow on Sunday. Other than that i'm not reading too much into it.  
                 Gnodstadt and Spielbach by barry on  2017-11-14 07:24:37
                   Gnodstadt and Spielbach by Nick B. on  2017-11-14 08:42:31
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