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Posted by barry on 2017-11-15 11:04:11
Give my best o Frank.  I think that we can take all this too far, but I was just curious because I seem to recall Juergen telling me that the son who does the brewing had been awarded prizes for the quality of their beer.

Let's face it, good beer is not that unusual, thank goodness.  I've just been on my Wednesday afternoon jaunt to the Albion Ale House in Conwy and had a superb pint or 3 of Purple Moose Madog Ale.  So, if good beer can be brewed in Porthmadoc, it can be brewed anywhere!

           Meh.  by Jason on  2017-11-15 15:43:54
             Meh.  by Nick B. on  2017-11-16 02:19:33
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