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Additional beer at Brauerei Schroll Reckendorf
Posted by Jürgen Wening on 2017-11-09 01:08:36
Quite sure there's a misunderstandting, as the Landbier (Urtrunk) is a dark beer.
Otherwise thank you for making me laugh by inventing the term "Naturtaub"!!! :-) That's the perfect word to describe the beers from Wagner Oberhaid. It means naturally deaf.
     Additional beer at Brauerei Schroll Reckendorf by Jason  on  2017-11-09 02:11:22
       Additional beer at Brauerei Schroll Reckendorf by Nick B. on  2017-11-11 00:42:16
     Additional beer at Brauerei Schroll Reckendorf - Naturtrüb by Euromannn on  2017-11-12 20:51:43
       Additional beer at Brauerei Schroll Reckendorf - Naturtrüb by Nick B. on  2017-11-13 01:54:04
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