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January dilemna
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-11-05 23:06:24

I will only add a belated "herzlich Willkommen" to Barry, and "adée" to future communications cockups when we're trying to meet up auf dem Keller.

I presume Euromannn means you might get lower speed in Europe due to some technical issue with using US phones in Europe. The speed of the networks --as far as ignorant layman me knows-- is the same, i.e. LTE+ (5G?) is the same regardless of continent.

LTE and LTE+ are spreading. I get 50 mb download on my Handy at home, whereas the DSL landline gives me 5 - 10. (That will be changing when we change to VDSL on Wednesday though, supposedly 100 mb then.) So I can use my Handy as a hotspot for my computer at home for better download on my desktop computer. Wack.

It's not 100% coverage, but deffo improving over time. Stiebarlimbach was LTE last time I checked. Not *inside* 40 cm thick walls though, necessarily.

Whilst in Canterbury for the lovely Food & Wine Fest in Sept (Green Hop Beer Fest!), we noted how miserable the service was there. Learnt later that the town is notoriously under-masted, owing to paranoia about brain cancer or whatever amongst the population or summat.
           January dilemna by barry on  2017-11-06 04:36:07
             January dilemna by Nick B. on  2017-11-06 11:14:54
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