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Apartment in Bamberg
Posted by Euromannn on 2017-11-05 08:30:07
Well they need to do a  full assessment as electo-magnetic fields are all over the apartment.
Heating - boiler furnaces have AC switch going to primary electro-manetic switches to cycle temperature on/off.

Older homes due to poor wiring can cause Electro-Magnetic Fields(EMF) so I would think these  apartments should disable their lights, water heaters, furnaces, clocks if health is an issue.  lol

All wiring causes EMF problems and any current flowing in a live wire creates an EMF, and the current returning via the neutral wire does the same. 

So as long as the live and neutral wires run very close to each other, their EMFs overlap perfectly and cancel each other out, resulting in a net EMF of zero. But if they are not close together, they cannot cancel each other out, and a net EMF is the result.
Thus just turning off WLAN for the night will have a negligible improvement for their apartment since it has so many larger EMF areas of concerns if Health is their priority.
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