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Sesslach and surroundings
Posted by barry on 2017-11-04 07:48:28
I'm not sure that I'm best qualified to answer these questions but, as no one else has come forward, I'll have a go!

1. Why two Brauhauses?  I'm looking at the Google map and can only see one but I can see, of course, two Gestaette - Reinwand and Roter Ochse.  The accompanying Google blurb describes the Kommun Brauhaus as a 'brewery inn', which is patently wrong.  I've been in the Brauhaus and it is just that - a place for preparing the wort prior to fermentation at the Stube.
2. Zoigl - no, Zoigl is an Oberpfalzische dialect contraction of  'Bierzeigel' = beer sign.  I don't know whether Franken has the same dialect word - Juergen?

At [], the guy from Kaufbeuren (can't remember his name) gives a list of the places where there are Kommunbrauen.  I understand that these are mostly places where locals brew only for their own consumption and the beer is not generally publicly available.  He told me that some of these places do have open days where it is possible to try the beer but, as most are in little hard to get to towns and villages, I've not managed to try them.  Has anyone else?

He also lists places where 'Zoigl' can be obtained.  But, if Zoigl is only an Oberpfalzische dialect word, many of these places are not selling Zoigl, including his own Stube!

Re 'Pipeline' - I think that this is probably a metaphorical pipeline, as it's a few hundred metres from the Brauhaus to the Stube.  The only Stube that I know with an actual pipeline from Braushaus to Stube is Schoilmichel in Neuhaus, which is next door to the Brauhaus.
               Sesslach and surroundings by Carl on  2017-11-04 11:50:27
                 Sesslach and surroundings by barry on  2017-11-04 13:28:59
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