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Posted by Nick B. on 2017-11-01 11:30:36
I expect to arrive in Bamberg on the 20-whatever train. I'm going to meet Mark Dredge, an English beer writer of note. I don't know where he will be, because I've not told him I'm coming. He's there "with a group of 19", which I ASSume are other beer writers, some perhaps of more noteriety than others.

Or it's some family funeral do and my crashing it will be awkward. (Doubt it, as he will have arrived from Tegernsee --you may have heard of it-- this afternoon.)

In any case, you should meet him, he may be even younger than you, and has written books about beer. And he's got his head screwed on straight, despite probably having supped a third or two of Craft.

IF YOU DO find him before I do, mum's the word, because like I said, I want to surprise him. I've only met him twice before, it's not like we're befreundet. 

I won't be out late, just one or two or three. Seidla.
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