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OT: Hobbybrauer gibt auf, verkauft Ausrüstung / Homebrewer Quits, Sells Kit
Posted by Jason on 2017-10-24 04:16:38
Bateman’s XB was a fantastic beer, hopefully it remains so. Used to get a lot of Ringwood (marstons) in jersey, meh. Used to be good. 

Is it maybe supply and demand? More brewers vs people drinking less? Or more demand for ‘specialist’ beers so pricing is lower due to high demand? Whatever, the price of beer in supermarkets here will never be touched in the UK - 70cents a bottle? I had a 50litre Barrel from maroldsweisach for my birthday - it cost €60. But I see your point with the pub price examples. 

I would never homebrew. No patience or scientific intrigue plus I’m not going to brew better than what I can buy. Knowing that I could do 99% of things right and yet still end up with rubbish are not my odds. Each to their own of course. 
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