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OT: Beer Prices in Supermarkets
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2017-10-25 10:25:39
Yeah and even worse in the pubs.  Also many of us in the US have to drive to go to a pub which is a disincentive in addition to the cost.  The missus and I may go to the pub once a week but usually no more than that.  Homebrewing really has become a social activity for me.  I'll sometimes make a get together out of it where we drink homebrew from a keg while brewing the next batch, have a cookout, etc.  The cost of a homebrew can be less than $1 a glass and if done right as good or better than anything I can get at the store.

If I lived in Bamberg.  I wouldn't bother.  I'd just walk over to Spezial like Jason does.
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               OT: Beer Prices in Supermarkets by Nick B. on  2017-10-26 01:44:56
                 OT: Beer Prices in Supermarkets by Jason on  2017-10-26 14:19:04
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