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OT: A long weekend in the mountains
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-10-23 13:00:56
Aye, Barry, well put.'s not really correct that I drink less beer for *health* reasons. Too quickly written.

It's that I understand more now about what it does to the body, and that conflicts with my fitness goals.

It's all about the sugar, of which beer contains, unfortunately, a non-negligible amount. I'm not diabetic (doctor refuses to test my insulin, my H1abcdef-etc test showed no chance), so it's not about that, it's simply about sugar avoidance. And alcohol. The liver will process alcohol before it does anything else, like converting body fat reserves into glucose for the other cells in the body to use. The alcohol actually appears to trigger glucagon, sort of the counterpart to insulin.

And it interferes with muscle cells' ability to recover from stress.

Franconian beer, being normally not extraordinarily hoppy, isn't as risky as hoppier beer for hormonal problems. Like moobs. This has been written about on the internet a fair bit recently, so I'm not going to go into it here. Hop acids and soy trigger female hormones, basically.

And the timing: I'm not drinking before Mrs gets home and we have our Happy Hour these days, just doesn't feel right any more. No Keller visits, no stops down the cafés in town of  an afternoon.

Also because I'm doing other things instead: at this point, mostly fitness training. I spent 25 years doing nothing but walks at weekends in Oregon and bike rides here. Neither actually causes anywhere near the sort of exertion to actually make someone fit -- at least one who is not already fit. After a year+ of proper fitness training (burpees, resistance training) and becoming aware of various nutritional issues, I've gotten fairly fit. And it feels good.

Take advantage of that free (right?) Fitnessstudio, I say. I'm likely quitting XXL here (23€ month) because I know do body-weight resistance at home (it's great, Barry!).

I want to remain as fit as I am now for as long as I can. Beer, other dietary aspects, and lack of proper fitness (burpees, Jason!) hinder this and aid ageing. Even better, I'm not as fit as I want to be...when I get *there*, then I will want to lock in and stay there. 

I've come to view ageing as not pre-programmed; we do it to ourselves. There's no good evolutionary reason for ageing, and there are animals that age very, very slowly. 

So that's the story there, such as it is. PU is just really satisfying, and there's really nothing else at Fränky Getränky that hits that same sweet, hoppy spot. Did have the last Kitzmann Rotbier last week.

In Broadstairs last month, I averaged 10 imperial pints a day. Tried to keep it proper session beer though, under 4%. That's harder down sowf, as I've heard from Northerners who've been there. The soft southerners can afford a half a percent more, apparently.

And we're both a bit tired of England for a bit. Probably til spring. For the reasons you (Jason) have explained before, but which I/we ignore or even enjoy when we're there, just for a difference. But this time I ran into abject snobbery, though not directed at me. Chap figured I was posh and started talking down nearby Ramsgate, being "you may have noticed, more working class."  Yeah, my mother was one of 12 kids growing up on the farm. Went on just a bit from there before I left. (That was a micropub Barry, otherwise always most excellent.)
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