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OT: A long weekend in the music shop
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-10-25 01:01:14

With that out of the way...another thing distracting me from beer is a sudden rediscovery of music for me. Specifically, playing bass guitar. That was my absolute life as a teenager, until I finally finished school  at 24 (which is irresponsibly young by Euro standards, of course) and started working. I'd not touched a bass in over 20 years, and even lost my old one (story not worth bothering with here) until Friday, when I ventured up to the stunning shop nestled in the country a few klicks (spelt with c or k?) from Mönchsambach.

It just occurred to Mrs & me that I might pick up music again for something new to challenge the mind and body. It was weird, trying to remember how to play bits of songs I used to play so well, and then having my fingers not be able to *do* it.

For those keeping score at home, my old bass was like this one

whereas my new one (come pay-day, that is) will be like this claims to be Europe's largest music industry equipment business. Having discovered it and been there, I have a hard time imagining disputing that claim. It's amazing. Any musicians on here should do themselves a favour and visit it next trip. Utterly friendly, accommodating place -- they leave you alone to browse and play all you want.

Technically, things seem to have evolved a bit for musicians in the last quarter century. Go figure. It's been interesting trying to figure out what bits of gear I'll need in order to utilise the virtual recording studio that is a run-of-the-mill notebook PC. Kids today have it so easy, etc.
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