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Brauerei Reichold
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-10-16 23:55:37
Sorry chap, didn't see this post before posting a reply below!

It's not about CO2, the problem with cattle is actually methane, which is much worse -- a much heavier gas!

Indeed, if das Volk were to get off the cheap pork (*) and onto proper beef, they would clean up the land pollution, which is what I'm on about. Switch from pig to cattle production, and it solves the groundwater problem.

Bio/organic farming is ... I forget now ... 10% of farming here? So, yes, 90% of dairy cows are couped up in a barn most of the time. Improper.

Air pollution...the crude oil will start to get more and more expensive, driving its use down over time, saving us JUST BEFORE it's too late.

It's clear to me that humans evolved eating as much large animal (red) meat as they could get their hands on. Everything else -- gathering -- was a compromise. Then came agricultre 15000 years ago, which enabled explosive population growth and the price of individual human health.

You and I are most likely oriented the same way on environmental issues, we've just been reading different sources.

*This country has become a pork exporter. They raise so much, so cheaply, so efficiently (cruelly), that they now can't eat it all. And it's raised on soy shipped in from South America, where the forests are clear-cut to grow soy. Life out of Balance: Koyanisqaatsi.
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