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OT: Visit to Czechia Conclusion!
Posted by Jason on 2017-10-11 06:08:48
A couple of points ;) 

I never said Pilsner Urquell was 'world class' nor purported it to be 'great'. I would merely say that it is a consistently well made product that functions as a pretty good thirst slaker which is what Czech beer is (or was) for - it's not going to turn heads or have people writing reams of poetry about it, but just like e.g. Bathams bitter; it does what it's supposed to do. It's not pretending to be anything more, nor does it want to be the centre of attention, unlike a lot of beers these days. 

In terms of 'brewery freshness', the beer is pumped into tankers (petrol like) direct at the brewery - how I don't know, but this is the Czech Republic, they take the upmost care about the beer they serve, it certainly isn't pumped by CO2 as that would negate the Tankovnas. So, the Tankovnas are big brass tanks with a bag inside (think bag in a box). The beer is pumped into these from the tankers that come straight from the brewery. CO2 is used to compress the bag FROM THE OUTSIDE thus no C02 touches the beer (same in Brauerei Spezial, less the transport in tankers). There is very little time for the beer to be in contact with air, obviously no sunlight issues and no temperature fluctuations.  Please remember that the PU that is served bottled or barreled in pubs does not represent the same as the Tankovna beer (see my post yesterday) - this is filtered and could have been anywhere, sat in the sun, depots or goodness knows where else. Tankovna beer is unfiltered, fresh and served (generally) by good tapsters who take care of their lines - or they lose their customers and the PU who only allow Tankovna service to places with high turnover and clean lines. 

It isn't a patch on some of the beers produced by the smaller breweries but it also isn't the worst. My main gripe is that people hear SABMiller and the shutters come down - it's very common these days with all these self rightous hippies around proclaiming anything big is bad (not on the forum i add). If one turns one's nose up at PU (not you personally barry) you will miss out on some of the best drinking taverns in the world. Their loss. 

Finally; I am 100% of the opinion that Czech beer is the best in the world (FWIW, it's a non concept really) - the best Czech beers beat the best Franconian beers hands down; their ability to brew at vastly different gravities, varying domestic styles and move seamlessly into modern styles is something i haven't encountered anywhere else - certainly not Franken. The best Czech breweries make exemplary examples of every style. The level of their expertise, the quality of their raw materials and the inherent knowledge of their drinkers is unrivalled. This is how PU hasn't been completely ruined - if it was, many people would change brand IMO. With the uptmost respect, i have been to Prague a dozen times and Plsen half a dozen and I live in Franken - for me to say it's better speaks volumes. You loved Medved - to me it's good but still average in Czechia. Now if they cleaned their lines better in Franken... 

As you say, you need to go back. Maybe you still won't agree but that's not important :)  
     OT: Visit to Czechia Conclusion! by barry on  2017-10-11 07:06:29
       OT: Visit to Czechia Conclusion! by Jason  on  2017-10-11 10:33:10
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