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OT: Visit to Czechia Conclusion!
Posted by barry on 2017-10-11 07:06:29
I never said that you said that PU was world class etc.!

Thank you and Piv for clarifying about the Tankovna dispense.- silly me, of course I knew about the bag method as in Roppelt et al but forgot.  Mine host at the Bay Hop demonstrated to me a similar process (key-keg??) that some breweries use in the UK.  I assume, therefore, that when I got a fizzy version of PU it must be keg dispensed?  Anyway, in general, Jason, I don't disagree with your first paragraph, except that, if you look at the PU website, it does imply that it is something special but I know that's just marketing.  Oh, by the way, I don't mind being classed with the hippies of the world (I thought that we all died out in the sixties), but not self-righteous, just discriminating.  In general, most things produced by big corporates, if not bad, are certainly bland - they have to be because they are appealing to the lowest common denominator (sorry, I can't talk about manufacturers of sportswear because I've gone past indulging in that market, though I do need a new pair of walking shoes as Andy will confirm).

I can't really comment about your opinion that Czech beer is the best in the world, as I don't have your experience of it and can only speak as my extremely limited experience will allow.  Whether it is important to brew at 'vastly different gravities, varying domestic styles and move seamlessly into modern styles' is, IMHO, a very moot point.  Personally, I'm happy if a brewery makes one unique beer consistently well over a long period, so I can be assured of what I get - i.e. Batham's*.  To me this is better than constantly trying new beers on a wing and a prayer and is the real art of brewing.  As regards raw materials, at least one brewery, as I commented, was using malt from Franken - whether this is a one-off, I don't know but I saw it with my own eyes!

*By the way, how was your visit to my hereditary homeland?

Just one other comment about Tankovna: I don't know whether you remember bulk tank beer in Britain?  It was very common in the UK in the late 1960s, 70s and 80s.  I remeber working in a Whitbread pub in Leeds and having to go down to the cellar to change the tanks.  They were huge global structures and the beer was pumped in a la Tankovna.  Of course, there were differences, the beer was filtered and pasteurised at the brewery and dispensed using CO2.  This system was introduced by the big breweries because it saved money - bulk delivery etc., and I would be very surprised if this wasn't part of the thinking behind the Tankovna process.  SABMiller/Anheuser-Busch/Ashahi are big multi-national corporations and big multi-national corporations are ruled by the bottom line and not care for their customers.

Of course, it would be more delightful to sit across a table in deepest Czechia to discuss all these points with you and our colleagues from this Forum.  Sorry Juergen, really diverting from Franken now - mea culpa!

       OT: Visit to Czechia Conclusion! by Jason  on  2017-10-11 10:33:10
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