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Posted by Mosquit on 2017-10-13 04:23:24
RE: P-U and its gasiness. 
I don't believe that there is a big difference in gasiness between CO2-tapped beer and "tank" version. Yes, in Tankovna, beer is pressured from outside of the bag with compressed air, so there is no real contact with beer itself. 
However with KEGs that are pressured with CO2, this isn't much different, since KEG usually (in good pubs) is tapped just for several hours, and then new KEG comes. During that period, there is no significant influence of CO2 getting into beer. 

What might be a troublesome is if 1 KEG is on for many days, or if it is located somewhere in cellar in minus-third floor, or so - then higher pressure is needed to tap beer out, and higher chance of over-carbonating the beer in KEG. But usually good pubs are aware of it and are using nitrogen+CO2 combination afterwards. 

What influences "gasiness" much, much more, is a way how P-U is being tapped
Usually in good pubs you could ask how you want it. 


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