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Eating in Pubs. Deplorable!!
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-10-16 03:32:38
[Huh. The second paragraph of my post did not show up. Here tis.] Going back to my hunter/gatherer roots for my own health. More hunter than gatherer though. Where "hunting" == "stroll down the organic grocer's for some pastured herbivore meat."
                                   Eating in Pubs. Deplorable!! by barry on  2017-10-16 07:20:06
                                     Eating ... Deplorable!! by Nick B. on  2017-10-16 23:43:55
                                       Eating ... Deplorable!! by Barry on  2017-10-17 02:11:53
                                         Eating ... Deplorable!! by Nick B. on  2017-10-17 04:58:17
                                           Eating ... Deplorable!! by Nick B. on  2017-10-17 05:02:09
                                             Eating ... Deplorable!! by Andrew H on  2017-10-17 10:55:11
                                         Eating ... Deplorable!! by Nick B. on  2017-10-18 07:00:57
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