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Eating ... Deplorable!!
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-10-16 23:43:55
    In what way(s) am I deluding myself? About my health, animal husbandry (Mom was one of 12 kids on the farm -- am I not automatically qualified to opine about small vs industrial farming just because of that), and/or...?

Agriculture depletes the soil. Grazing herbivores support it. Intensive, industrialised agriculture is required to produce cheap pork in the massive piles consumed round here and exported from this country. That means, nitrogen in the ground water.  Cattle and sheep ranching, OTOH, doesn't.

Been reading a fair bit about various physical and mental health problems caused by a starch-based diet being solved by going starch-free, and then even plant-free. The redder the meat or fattier the fish, the better. In my case, a week into an eggs/cheese/yoghurt/fish/meat (i.e. plant-free) way of eating and I've got only positive effects to report. I'm off to the doctor presently to have blood drawn as a baseline. (Then to the Rote Kreuz to give a half litre this afternoon.)

If you were to learn that a carnivorous way of eating would cure (or at least completey reverse or stop if not "cure") T2D, what would you do?
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