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OT: Visit to Czechia 3
Posted by barry on 2017-10-10 04:05:01
Yes, wait for my summary on views on my visit!

Thanks for the correction on the spelling of 'Krycma'.  Are you sure that the beer comes from next door?  It tastes quite different and is a hell of a lot cheaper.  The barman gave me the impression that Krycma was a Pivovar and the glass suggested this as well but I bow to greater knowledge!  Whatever, it was great.

Sadly, U Tunelu was an omission, along with plenty of other places.  In a way, the answer is in your final paragraph.  I downloaded a couple of map apps that operated on my tablet when I didn't have WIFI, because I don't have a Smartphone (which I will rectifiy one day) but they didn't work that well.  So, Prague being a fairly big place and there being a lot of potential venues, I tried to knock off ones that I could find easily (i.e. by tram stops, metro's, etc.) also I wanted to visited the out of town places. I didn't bother changing back my Czech money because I intend going back to sample some more.  Your company is always welcome!

Re Urquell: it's a question of choice, I suppose.  Like I said, I really enjoyed it in Hrocha but not in other places. I don't doubt its quality but, in my limited experience (and confirmed by the survey that I quoted but can't find again), it is one the world's most carbonated beers and you know my preferences in that respect.  As I suggested above, I really am as much a connoisseur of pubs as I am of the beer they sell.

I suspected Aldersbacher beer might be from Bayern but I hadn't heard of it until I hit the bar (though Fred does mention it).  But, it was quite decent, so.......
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