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OT: Visit to Czechia 2
Posted by barry on 2017-10-09 02:44:04
The second leg of my mini-tour took me with Andy to Plzn for a night - well, not exactly with Andy, because he likes to get up much earlier in the morning than me!

But he met me at the station and we headed for a brewpub; I can't remember its name but it was near the bus station and I'm sure that Andy can enlighten us.  It was a nice place, beer was ok, probably better than most in Budjovice.  This was followed by an abortive trip to a brewery complex, where there seemed to be a wedding going on and no admittance to the great unwashed.

Checked into hotel - Pension Wallis: highly recommended, good price, very central, massive breakfast!, good room.  We went to the Beer Factory - another p&p place (see last report); seven beers on tap, mainly foreign recreations, so we tried the Svetly Lezak 12% (think this is light lager), which was ok.  Also went into a big p&p Urquell place, nothing mind blowing, before heading for Klub Mylach. which I quite like but wasn't really Andy's cup of tea.

What can I say about Plzn?  Before we went, we agreed that we had probably got the balance of our visit wrong and should have more equally divided our time between Budjovice and Plzn, so one night was not enough to really judge.  I'm not sure what more can be found in Plzn but a lot more Urquell places and, to be really honest, I'm not that impressed.  A bit like Budvar, it is a big brewery, churning out loads of average beer, ok, but nothing that you would want to travel miles for and pay inflated prices to drink.  I recently read a report on the quantity of CO2 in measures of beer, a list, not surprisingly, headed by the big US corporates but in which Urquell came 8th - I'm not surprised.

So, as I was heading for Prague next morning and Andy for Cheb, we said our good-byes and made a fairly early night of it.

On to Prague!
   OT: Visit to Czechia 2 by Nick B. on  2017-10-10 00:41:26
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