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Ot: back in the Obpfz!
Posted by Jeff Romain on 2017-10-01 20:22:07
Thanks for sharing, Barry. What an excellent recap. Sounds like a very lovely tribute to Jacqueline. 

When did the new management take over at Posterer? I've always considered them arguably the best in Windischeschenbach (Gloser probably being my favorite, when the beer isn't pouring too murky, that is). Perhaps our opinions are simply diferent than one another's, but am nonetheless wondering: what are the changes the new management has implemented and how has it translated to better beer, or a better overall experience, from your perspective? What exactly was it that was previously lacking for you there?

And that's a fine choice as some top zoiglbiers for you. Kramer Wolf is a personal favorite, and the experience at Zoiglstube Hartwich was a very memorable one also, with their very cozy ambience and high-quality gravity pours during a previous visit. Your gullet must have been quite pleased after such a great day of boozing it up!

I hope you do post a link if/when available of the article featuring you and the Burgermeister! Very neat. 
     Ot: back in the Obpfz! by Barry on  2017-10-02 01:01:32
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