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Ot: back in the Obpfz!
Posted by Barry on 2017-10-02 01:01:32
I'll try and find it again, Jeff. Actually, it was only a photo, in which I am captioned as Danny Taylor - much to Andy Harvey's amusement!

I'm not sure when the change in management in Posterer took place. Frau Zimmermann was still in charge last year, so it's been in the last 12 months.  Reading an early article, it seems that tthe Stube was launched on a great wave of optimism - other activities inciuded a mobile Zoigl stube (I think that it was shaped like a barrel) and the Zoiglfabrik nightclub down in the old Eschenbach Porzellan - but the actual Stube always faced major structural problems: it is quite small and, more importantly, has no adequate garden - and we know how important that is in Bavaria. I've had a few decent night's in there and always found Gunter Z very approachable. But the beer was always a bit fizzy for me (I think that he sells quite a lot to non-Echte Zoigl Stub'n), so maybe it just isn't fermented out enough? Anyway, the atmosphere was much improved last week and the beer as well, that's all I can say (Imho, of course!).
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