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Grünhopfenfest / Bamberger Hopfengarten
Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2017-09-21 23:39:15
Today (22. September) unti sonday, daily 2 pm to 9 pm, the Bamberger Hopfengarten offers a small beerfestival with wet hop beers (Keesmann Herrenpils and Sternla, dry hopped with different fresh, wet hops).

The détails of the "Grünhopfenfest"
Zollnerstraße 22 (between Weyermann and Café Abseits, near railway station).
No entrance fee. Beers 0.5 and small glasses. Some small food offers.

I will be there today 3 am, together with Jane and John Conen. John has written the book "Bamberg and Franconia -Germany's Brewing Heartland) (first edition 2003, second edition 2010). Jane and John are in Bamberg until 26. September
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