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Grünhopfenfest / Bamberger Hopfengarten
Posted by Jason on 2017-09-22 01:37:15
Hi Gerhard - could you perhaps mention to John that I would be happy to meet him and his wife for a beer if he is open to it - i bought his book before the first time i visited Bamberg and it formed a pivotal first impression. 

I don't know how we could do it but I could meet them tomorrow (Saturday) evening in Schlenkerla or Sunday evening in Spezial (from 7pm). 

No problem if they can't as I'm sure they have better things to do on holiday. 
     Grünhopfenfest / Bamberger Hopfengarten  by Gerhard Schoolmann on  2017-09-22 04:14:30
     Grünhopfenfest / Bamberger Hopfengarten  by John Conen on  2017-09-22 08:42:57
       Grünhopfenfest / Bamberger Hopfengarten  by Euromannn on  2017-09-22 13:41:28
       Grünhopfenfest / Bamberger Hopfengarten  by Jason on  2017-09-23 00:11:57
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