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Message for Barry
Posted by Barry on 2017-09-21 05:19:24
Just tried to send you messages from both Irish and British phones, which I assume you haven't received - don't know what's going on!

Anyway, plan is fine, let's say 7 pm at ZP - if you arrive a little earlier, you can try to phone me or I am less than 5 mins from Hof at Neustaedter Str 9. Walk down street opposite Hof towards Loistl and left at main road,  No 9 is on left immediately before turning to Wolframstube - sign says Ferienwohnung Schwarznigl. See you tomorrow, now off to Weiden.
     Message for Barry by Jason  on  2017-09-21 07:02:54
       Message for Barry by Barry on  2017-09-21 12:05:20
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