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Bockbieranstiche in Franconia
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2017-09-16 08:23:19
I'm sure the one at Schlenkerla will be a scrum.  Maybe getting there early will help.  I'm glad their bock will be released though even if only to drink later in the week.  

Some of the bockbieranstiche I've been to have been a lot of fun and not overly crowded (Hummel in Merkendorf for example) and others noisy and crowded and mostly younger folk.  

Too bad the one at the keller in Bischberg were not on a different day other than the 6th.  That's one I would try to attend otherwise.
       Bockbieranstiche in Franconia by Andrew H on  2017-09-17 03:20:40
         Bockbieranstiche in Franconia by Jason on  2017-09-17 14:28:07
           Bockbieranstiche in Franconia by Andrew H on  2017-09-18 02:53:30
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