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Spontaneity: a weekend in Plsen
Posted by Barry on 2017-09-18 05:12:49
Food for thought. Hopefully, my train from Schwandorf won't be late, so should have enough time to make a quick Seidla - or Czech equivalent.

I was going to post separately but might as well here. My Ryanair flight was late due to congestion at Manchester but no problem with Laender Karte but, then, there was no inspector, so case still a little unresolved. No problem with Nue to Weiden or Obfbhn to Eschawo.

Drank far too much to quickly on Friday night (meeting friend, landlady's Schnapps and residual effects of gastroenteritis), so (turn away now if of a delicate constitution) was violently sick on returning home. Taking it very easy, as I have a long 16 days ahead, specially in the company of some world class drinkers!

Probably slip up to Lingl Neuhaus a bit later, as weather has picked up nicely now, and have an early-ish night.
         Spontaneity: a weekend in Plsen  by Barry on  2017-09-18 08:44:25
           Spontaneity: a weekend in Plsen  by Jason  on  2017-09-18 10:20:24
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