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OT: Deutsche Bahn query
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-09-11 23:59:13
I wouldn't say it says the ticket is not valid, rather, that stretch is not included in the ticket price. That message also shows up for the 14.23 Flexpreis connection. It lets you buy a ticket for the entire stretch Flughafen - Windischeschenbach, but when you ask for specific price information about the stretch, the information breaks down.

There's some bug which hangs up the price breakdown info. I wonder if it's because the two stops lie in different VGN price zones. And indeed, Nordostbahnhof lies right on the border between two:

But the ticket is still valid for the entire stretch, as shown on the main page. And as I'm sure it's shown printed on the ticket one  buys from Flughafen - Windischeschenbach.

The oddity of the IBayernticket not showing up til after 18.00 is because the Bayernticket is more expensive (25€) than the normal DB Flexpreis ticket, so DB simply just doesn't show it. 

I would buy the Flexpreis ticket and not worry any more about it.

Or we continue to kick it around here til Barry actually has to travel back home.
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