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OT: Deutsche Bahn query
Posted by Gunnar H on 2017-09-13 02:37:55
Sorry to keep on at this subject...
The Bayernticket definitely covers the entire S-Bahn section from the airport. Also the bus  between Munich airport and Freising - even though has the same >Teilstrecke warning there.
The only exceptions are some smaller private bus lines in Bavaria, e.g. the private frequent shuttle bus from München-Tutzing S-Bahn to Kloster Andechs. But you can use the Bayernticket on the MVV bus 958, not as frequent though.
But I am not so sure about the Flex ticket being valid from the airport. The text says it is only good from Nordostbahnhof, with no exceptions being mentioned. The U-Bahn ticket to Hbf costs the same €3.00 as to Nordostbahnhof, bringing the total cost over the Bayernticket.
Ergo: Get a Bayernticket and be safe.
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