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OT: Deutsche Bahn query
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-09-13 06:51:53

But I am not so sure about the Flex ticket being valid from the airport. The text says it is only good from Nordostbahnhof, with no exceptions being mentioned.

   But again, where are you seeing this text? The same lack of pricing information we've been kicking around already? Because we do have this, showing that yes, indeed, the ticket is from Flughafen to Windischeschenbach:

It simply defies logic or reason that a ticket valid as shown above would NOT indeed be valid, because of some weird partial pricing information glitch. The ticket will say "von N├╝rnberg Flughafen nach Windischeschenbach". Why would a conductor presume it then would not be valid for the two or three stops in the U-Bahn along the way?

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