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OT: Deutsche Bahn query
Posted by barry on 2017-09-13 08:19:42
I didn't want to reopen this again but look carefully at what it says when you open 'Teilpreis' (I've translated for those, like me, who are not fully conversant with the German language):  


Preisauskunft für Teilstrecke (DB-Fahrkarte)

Im Ticketpreis enthaltene Strecke
  von nach Preis
Einfache Fahrt Nürnberg Nordostbf. (U-Bahn) Windischeschenbach 24,30 EUR
Nicht im Ticketpreis enthaltene Strecke
  von nach  
Einfache Fahrt Nürnberg Flughafen Nürnberg Nordostbf. (U-Bahn)  
Für Streckenabschnitte, die sich in Verkehrsverbünden befinden, liegen uns leider keine genauen Preisinformationen vor. Regionale Angebote wie z.B. Länder-Tickets oder das Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket gelten möglicherweise auf der gesamten Strecke. Informationen zum Geltungsbereich regionaler Angebote finden Siehier.
[Price information for partial routes (DB ticket)
Included in the ticket price by price: One way Nuremberg Northeast Bf. (Subway) Windischeschenbach 24,30 EUR
Not included in the ticket price: One way Nuremberg Airport Nürnberg Nordostbf. (Subway)]
Fair enough, the answer may be found it the condition:

Price information for partial routes (DB ticket)
Unfortunately, there are no exact price information for the route sections, which are in traffic connections. Regional offers, e.g. Country tickets or the cross-country ticket may apply throughout the entire route. Information on the scope of regional offers can be found here.

However, if you do the calculation:

Flexpreis NordostBhf - Windischeschenbach €24.30 plus Einzelfahrkart Flughafen Nuernburg to Nordostbhf €3.00 = €27.30, which is €2.30 more than a Bayern ticket for one.

I am grateful to everyone who has contributed to this discussion, which, I hope has been informative for all.  Now to book my Bayern ticket!

Still no reply from DB or VGN.

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