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Posted by Jason on 2017-08-24 00:49:19
I think it's a question of being comfortable that you don't like wheat beers and have the choice whether or not to drink them. I don't drink them often, but I certainly like them on ocassion and they certainly aren't "sweet and sickly". Reblitz (Nedernsdorf) brew the best in Franken and I always have one or two when i'm at the brewery.

It was also your choice to "pass up" the brewfist and other exotic beers and drink a 3.8% real ale (i'm guessing). As long as there remains a choice for the consumer then that's what matters. Someone might come in and have one of those bottles, pay his/her 7 quid and go home. You may have 2 pints and pay the same. Whose to say that person enjoyed their experience any less? Whose business is it how they make their choices?

And asking why people want to "buy these things in the UK"' IS being old and crotchetty - what if they were Franconian beers? Again, just because you are not a fan doesn't mean others aren't or shouldn't be. You could ask the same about French wine, Italien style pizza or Spanish risotto - we have pie and mash and a pint of mild, why do we want all this foreign muck? I'm being flippant but globalisation isn't all bad. Yes IPAs have gotten out of hand but that's a symptom of humanity - we're greedy and obsessive. But I have had many a great beer from the US and i'm happy to pay the premium from time to time, as I am for a good wine, rum or piece of steak. It's MY choice.

Be happy that you can sit in your local and drink beers that you like and go to the Czech Republic and drink anything but IPAs and wheat beers - that is YOUR choice.
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