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NO TRAINS Fürth <> Bamberg 23 - 27 August Inclusive
Posted by Jason on 2017-08-22 07:46:41
Yeah if there was a regular (very regular, early -late) bus from Erlangen to Herzo (and I lived in Erlangen) I wouldn't get a car for work reasons alone. But adidas offer pretty flexible working conditions and, without a car and only peak time buses, using public transport is really restrictive.

I asked my colleague how long the A73 has been like that his answer was "forever". Since revised to 5 years.
                       NO TRAINS Fürth <> Bamberg 23 - 27 August Inclusive by Andrew H on  2017-08-23 07:40:35
                       NO TRAINS Fürth <> Bamberg 23 - 27 August Inclusive by Nick B. on  2017-08-26 03:04:56
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