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NO TRAINS Fürth <> Bamberg 23 - 27 August Inclusive
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-08-26 03:04:56
Well, the works currently between ER & FO haven't been going on for more than a year or two. But there has been ongoing work to improve it, yes. Franconia is not the only place in the world with ongoing work to maintain the me on this.

And the extent to which they build them so well, resulting in such great driving conditions when done, is work-intensive, as they say here.

As if you'd not had enough of the hell week that is hopefully just past, here be a couple of pieces from Thursday's Erlanger paper for you. This one about the absolute cock-up on one from N to BA, but the driver told people he was only going to ER. Nobody from the Bahn around to help, buses 30 min late, overflowing, etc.

Then this man-in-the-street one, including a Mormon at the end. (Always struck me that Germany's an odd place to send Mormon youth, but hey.)

Sounds utterly awful. Hope it's over or improving from next week.
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