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Too much tourism
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2017-08-14 13:33:02
No doubt the tourism has increased dramatically since I started visiting in 2007.  I think part of it is that people are more aware of the place (especially Germans from other parts of the country - side note:  I've noticed fewer American visitors since the base has closed.  I could be wrong but that's my perception) but also the economy is much stronger than it was back in '07 and the few years during/after the "great" recession.  I've seen tourism rise dramatically in every European country I've visited the last 2-4 years including Czechia, Schweiz, Ireland, etc.  Hell I've been travelling a lot more the past few years for various reasons including economics.  So this phenomenon is not at all unique to Franconia.  I know you were not implying that it is, I'm just mentioning it as I think it's relevant to the discussion.  Not to worry another recession will come along eventually and you'll have more elbow room at Spezial.

I've been avoiding Spezial, Mahrs, etc. for a few years now during the evenings because it has been overly crowded.  Not lines out the door like what you are describing but I've had little success, even by myself, getting a seat there most evenings and have all but given up. So I just visit some of the other pubs around town at night and occasionally go to Spezial, et al. during the day.  Although most days I'll be out visiting a countryside brewery or three so visits to Spezial a pretty rare for me which is too bad.

Oh well, I'll add to the numbers again in October.  But hey I feel I'm entitiled.  I visit for longer stretches than most (7 nights in October for example) and multiple times a year spanning over 10 years.  So kick the other tourists out please and make room for me.


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