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Too much tourism
Posted by Jason on 2017-08-17 16:03:11
I'm sorry Nick but I have to comment on this one - all opinions accepted and embraced but Bamberg remains one of the greatest cities to drink in in the world. I would never visit Erlangen (unless out of necessity). Even then I wouldn't drink beer there. Sorry. 

Beer anywhere is about freshness. About not being exposed to travel, light, heat etc. here in bamberg you can drink a plethora of beers that are generally fresh (in the breweries this is a given). Drinking beer from alt or Meister in cafe... sorry but the atmosphere has nothing on a gestatte and the beer is also way inferior. And don't mention Kitzmannn please. 

I'm not sure why this all came from my post about bamberg being over touristy. I have never ever walked out of Spezi for want of a place to sit. Other places I frequent because my focus is on the experience of drinking beer with other people... and the beer is still great. 

Bamberg is a phenomenal place to live - let my comments never detract from that. But if you come here to drink beer in a vacuum (don't anyone take personal offence it's meant generally) then go somewhere else. 

I will point to my good friend Mark who embraces as many sides of bamberg as he can as a (frequent) visitor, with friends that show him the many sides of this city - not that he is not capable on his own. I do not detract from anyone else and I know Barry is also one who enjoys it's temptations but also likes the quieter environs- no issues at all. 

Bamberg 'freak city' is the basketball team motto. I've said it once and I'll say it again; I wouldn't live anywhere else in the world. 
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