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Too much tourism
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-08-19 03:04:36
Well I guess you told me!  Why so defensive? I get that you really really really really like Bamberg, and really really really really dislike Erlangen. (Or do you dislike Erlangen more than you like Bamberg? Have to tally up the "reallys" there.) We know you've achieved a life's goal of moving and settling there. We're all happy for you. Well, I am at least, and hope I'm speaking for everyone here.

To be a *young* person in Bamberg...who here wouldn't envy that?

Really, I don't disagree with your sentiments about BA being one of the great beer drinking cities in the world. Pity about most of the beer though.

So beer should be drunk as local and fresh as possible. If beer shouldn't travel, does that mean you also won't drink Harvey's outside of Lewes?

Once beer is kegged, it doesn't really matter if it travels 30 or 300 km or not. That's one of the selling points of keg beer. To harp on about keg beer I can enjoy at Erlanger cafés...Meister Bräu is served from keg at the brewery in Unterzaunsbach, IIRC, and the stuff here seems just the same as there. Ditto the (Hallerndorfer) Rittmayer Landbier, and the venerable Hetzi.

I've had Held Bräu be outright sour AT the brewery (keg), whereas here, it's lovely, though there was one time that I encountered a keg that was very weirdly off, not simply un-fresh. Alt Hell seems to vary a bit at the one place that serves it here, and honestly, I think I've only been to the brewery once, many years ago, and don't recall if it was barrel or keg.

Buttenheimer Löwenbräu seems to have replaced Lindenbräu at one café, which is a  change I'm not entirely happy with.

As I said, these are "decent drinking" beers (at least!), and at this point I would take any one of them on keg over basically any Bamberger beer save Spezial U. Schlenkerla is a special case, granted. But that's more of an "event" beer for me; I'd never become a regular drinker of it even living there.

I would drink Kitzmann Hell & Rotbier over ...let's see.... Mahr's, Klosterbräu, Greifenklau, or Fässla. I'd drink Keesmann over Kitzmann, at least the Lager & Pils, not the Dunkel. I'd want to compare the two Dunkel(s) to make a firm call on that, actually.

Maybe I've just been to too many "events" in Bamberg in recent years, not enough "normal" drinking visits like I used to enjoy on my own from time to time. "Bamberged out" as dear Jacqueline used to say. Yes, *I'M* certainly Bamberged out. I don't require or expect that anyone else also be Bamberged out.

AFA a Gaststätte vs cafe apparently dislike the "student café" sort of place that I actually enjoy. That's OK, I don't demand that everyone else likes everything that I do. I also like traditional Brauereigaststätten like Spezial & Schlenkerla. I don't like the crowding. I don't like when Café Cycles here is crowded either. I like places half-full, I guess. I don't demand that everyone share this preference though.

I'm not sure what to make of your third paragraph.

I'm also not sure if you really mean to be telling me (or generalising) how I should or shouldn't be enjoying atmosphere and drinking, or what exactly you mean by  "drinking in a vaccuum". Rest assured, I do know how to enjoy pubs, Brauereigaststätten -- yes, even cafés. I've been at this beer-drinking thing a while now.

There was a time when I did not like cafés here, preferring only places like Spezial, Schlenkerla, or Mah'rs & Greifenklau (never mind the beer). I avoided Abseits for a long time. Sometimes people's interests change or evolve. Careful, or it might happen to you.

(Golly...I didn't start out to write so much, but there it is.)

(I still haven't read the big posts above by Barry et al. Interesting to learn how tourism has increased worldwide. Cheap oil must obviously play a part in this.)
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