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Heckel Brewery
Posted by Euromannn on 2017-08-12 18:22:06
Great video with English subtitles.  Makes me want to visit the Heckel Brewery in the September.

How do I get to Waischenfled brewery from Bamberg?  Seems the train takes 3 hours if going from Bayreuth or Bamberg.  If train what pass do you recommend from bamberg or Bayreuth. 

Was hoping for  a faster option as 6 horus RT fon train or one brewery is quite a trip.

I've been to Maisel Brewery in Bayreuth 2 years ago.  Very modernzied brewery with lots of outdoor patio and people.  Popular gatherig place for the locals.

Heckel Brewery is open daily from 4:30pm-10pm, except Saturday 9am-1pm.

                Heckel Brewery by Nick B. on  2017-08-13 01:46:27
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                      Heckel Brewery by Gerhard Schoolmann on  2017-08-13 10:52:00
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