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Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2017-08-04 03:05:55
Hi John,

if You can't get a FEWO in the old city (in September Bamberg is full of tourists):
Family Zenk has two appartments (32,5 qm2 and 60qm2 with 1 and 2 1/2 rooms, price: around 55 to 60 Euro per day, depending on how many days).
The location is one bus station (called Pödeldorfer Straße) northeast of the Café Abseits. Good bus connections to the ZOB (line 902 and nightline 935). Sreet: Birkenstraße
The name of both FEWOs is "Ferienwohnung "Abendstille am Birkengraben"
To the brewery Spezial it's a footwalk of 1.8 kms, to the Café Abseits 500 m, to Mahrs: 1.7 kms.

     FEWO by barry on  2017-08-04 04:11:41
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